Taking your car with you when travelling to a new place is not an option. Well, that does not mean you will have to use public transport. This is why My Hire & Car Rentals is in almost all cities in Kenya to ease your transport woes. My Hire rents out cars for specific amounts of time and specific amounts of money.

Having used My Hire in four different cities across the country, Nakuru, Kisumu, Nairobi and Mombasa I can say the convenience is just at your fingertips. If you can find them, car rentals are super expensive and can be hard to find. At My Hire they are a welcome, if unusual, alternative. Home for any car you want to drive. You need it, they’ve got it!

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Booking a car with them is a very easy task. You can either do it via their website myhire.co.ke or via my hire mobile app on play store. They have a variety of vehicles displayed. Their fleet extends from Luxury set of wheels, SUVs, Saloon cars, off-road beasts, vans and buses. Oh! Let’s not forget the Armored vehicles too. Their cost varies depending on season. You can search by the type of car you are in need of then choose from the available options. Their prices range from 3,000 Kenya Shillings to 20,000 Kenya shillings or more depending on the vehicle you choose of course. I would say you book the car yourself and communicate directly with the owner. Once you have booked the vehicle, you don’t have to pay the full amount. Pay a deposit, then clear the balance once you see the vehicle and are satisfied, confirming it’s what you saw from the images uploaded in their booking sites. Also, you have the option of picking it up from the office, your desired location or have a driver drop it to you at a very small fee. You can have it as self-drive or chauffeured at a fee of course. Quite convenient I would say. Clear the balance and enjoy your ride. Do Not forget to sign the contract this covers you and the owner of the vehicle in case of anything. Have a copy with you when returning the vehicle. Take a series of images before and after using the vehicle to proof that you did not damage it when you were behind the wheel.

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Using My Hire is pretty much like bringing your car with you. Their level of cleanliness is on another level. Their customer service is on point. Their crisis managing personnel will have your problems solved in an instance. Their vehicles are all well maintained and they are all insured.

Generally, using My Hire is easy, straightforward and convenient. My Hire & Car Rentals, your trusted rental partner.