Why buy when you can rent?

Are you intending to buy a car but don’t feel really ready yet? There are a number of choices to try before you do. Or you may never need to buy at all.

An increasing number of people around the world are opting out of owning a car in favor of other modes of transport such as trains, car sharing, car hailing, buses, bicycles, motorcycles and car rentals to save on the ever-growing expenses.

The costs of owning a car in Kenya, has increased drastically over the past year. If bought with a loan one needs to make a 20% deposit and pay the rest over the years, the longer you take the more the percentage. Don’t forget you need to pay for the insurance, car registration, car valuation/inspection, car servicing, car repairing incase of an accident and let’s not even talk about the ever-rising fuel charges.

If you are in need of a car but can’t afford one at the moment, you have a few options. Borrow from a friend or family, well this does not always end well, it is good until it isn’t, get a loan and buy one on hire purchase. However, if you are bad credit you are doomed. Lastly, why not just rent from My Hire?

This is better than a new car. A new car depreciates in value as soon as its driven out of the dealership, it loses its value between 15% -20% annually. With my hire you don’t have to worry about the stressful journey of buying or selling the car later on.  You do not need to bother yourself with the car insurance, maintaining or even servicing. Your head should just ring “drive!”

Car Renting has become quite popular over the years and the payments are cheaper than buying a car. You get to drive cars you can you wouldn’t have owned on a normal day; you also get to change to a different model as you please compared to owning a vehicle. Renting is an excellent mode of sampling vehicles without fully committing.


Renting from my hire is as easy as a few clicks away, then you have the vehicle of your choice delivered to your doorstep, the airport or even at your favorite restaurant. Next is deciding what type of rental you will be needing. We have both short term and long term. We also do groups and organization transport needs.

If you are barely at one point at a time then short term is for you. Are you worried about what to drive in another city? We got you covered! Our services are available in almost all the major cities in the country. We give out our cars for two days minimum.

Are you an organization, an NGO program, a government body or a person working on a long project looking to have a vehicle for a long period? We got you. We give our vehicles at discounted rates for our long-term clients. Remember the longer you rent the car the better the discount.

Our vehicles can be self-driven or chauffeured.

Our immeasurable network, fleet and scale of services and service providers, positions my hire as one of the most reliable Car Hire and rental company providing superior quality vehicles in Kenya.

Renting generally means rent it for a specific period of time, lower upfront cost, lower monthly payments and no resale hassle.

For more guidance on renting a vehicle visit our website myhire.co.ke or feel free to download my hire mobile app on google play store.