After two years of travel restrictions and lockdowns, traveling for business has begun to resume in the post-Covid environment, and many of us are eager to hit the road once more. With MyHire, a car rental company in Kenya, you have complete freedom over where and when you wish to go and are not constrained by set departure times, no transits or transfers involved. Simply take any route you like to get from point A to point B. The ability to change your plans could mean the difference between closing a contract, forging a new business connection, or pursuing a fresh lead.

With a countrywide experience of providing excellent service in more than half the towns in Kenya, MyHire has you covered whether your travels take you to Lamu, Nanyuki, Malindi, or Nairobi and elsewhere in Kenya. This includes an application that allows one to self-service and 24/7 customer service prepared to assist you wherever you are.

It is entirely up to you how you travel. With one of the broadest fleets of vehicles available, MyHire & Car Rentals can provide the brand, make, and size of the car that best suits your needs. You’ll be able to locate the ideal solution for you, whether you require an executive saloon to create a fantastic first impression, an economical vehicle to maximize your budget or a roomy people carrier to carpool with coworkers.

Additionally, MyHire respects your time and works to get you on the road as soon as possible. This year, the business unveiled the MyHire app on the play store, a cutting-edge digital solution that streamlines and expedites the rental process so you can get going faster. Simply create an online account, make your reservation, and click confirm. Once approved MyHire will be able to speed up your pick-up whether you do this a month in advance or just a few seconds before you require a ride. With the MyHire app, your rental agreement will begin processing before you even arrive. The only thing required is for you to search for your preferred car, book, select your delivery option and pay online using MPESA or Credit Card Following a signature in the contract and receipt of the keys, you’ll be prepared to set out on your journey. Clients must also show documentation of their address and their driving license in case it is self-chauffeured.

Keeping you safe at every turn of your travel has always been the top priority for MyHire, from the caliber of its well-kept fleet to protecting your privacy online. You can feel secure knowing that many of the extra Covid precautions are still in place in the wake of the epidemic, giving you more peace of mind. Each vehicle is meticulously prepped and cleaned before being rented. This entails thoroughly inspecting the tires, as well as the oil and coolant levels, lights, and windshield wipers.

You can rely on MyHire & Car Rentals services to take serve your business trip wherever you want to go, including to exciting new places.