Drivers using ride-hailing platform Uber will be required to maintain a minimum 4.6 point rating in new regulations that the US firm said would ensure quality services.

Drivers unable to meet the new rating will be deactivated after 30 days if they fail to improve their position.

Uber issued the new regulation to drivers through a statement last week.

Riders rate drivers after a trip with five stars being the best and one star as the lowest.

Usually, factors like hygiene, overall mannerism, knowledge of routes and various destinations and ability to drive cautiously are used by riders to rate drivers. Drivers also rate riders in return.

“At Uber, we strive to create a quality experience for driver-partners and riders alike. In our efforts to provide a great Uber experience all around we are increasing the minimum required rating in your city to 4.6,” said Uber in a statement.

“If you currently fall below this rating, you will have 30 days to increase your rating to meet the new minimum requirement. Driver-partners that don’t meet the new minimum rating will be deactivated. Whether it is through great conversation, or through clean and tidy car, great service is about being the best you can possibly be to create an enjoyable Uber experience for riders.”

This latest policy comes after Uber rolled out another rider quality system earlier in July that blacklists Kenyan riders who consistently receive poor evaluation from its drivers.

The policy followed a myriad of complaints from drivers over unruly customers who make their job harder to execute.

Uber said that where an account is marked several times for complaints of ‘unacceptable behaviour’ and failure to adhere to Uber’s community guidelines, a rider will have restricted app access as a result.

The unruly behaviour, according to Uber, can include asking the driver to break the law by, for instance, asking him or her to ignore speed limits. It also includes causing damage to the vehicle by vomiting due to excessive drinking or spillage of food and drinks in the car.

It also includes the use of inappropriate, abusive and disrespectful language.