A popular new trend in Kenya is self-driving vehicles, especially in metropolitan areas like Mombasa, Nairobi, and Kisumu. Nowadays, more and more people prefer renting a car rather than taking a cab, train, bus, or plane to explore a destination. Self-driven rental cars are unmatched by any other travel option when it comes to flexibility and convenience.

Choosing a self-drive rental car in Kenya can be challenging. But we, as experts at MyHire & Rentals, have a few tips that will help you choose the right one when you make your online reservation or email your car rental service provider.

Unlimited mileage

A self-drive trip is incomplete unless you can drive wherever you want within Kenya, which is why you need to choose a car rental agency that offers this option. Having the freedom to drive wherever you want on a road trip in Kenya only adds spice and flexibility to the adventure. You can drive anywhere, anytime.

Type of car

Making this choice can be challenging because many of us would want to commute in a luxurious vehicle or the newest sports car. 

The catch is being able to consider both your needs and wants. Take into account the distance you’ll be traveling, the number of passengers, and the level of comfort. For instance, if you are planning a road trip with your friends and just have very little luggage, you can choose a straightforward hatchback car that provides you with comfortable space and excellent gas efficiency. In contrast, if you are only planning a short drive within the city, you should consider renting an automatic vehicle to help you keep up with traffic.

Search for “other” or “hidden” costs

There are a few things, such as insurance, a security deposit, damages, etc., that can increase the base rent when you hire a car. To ensure that you are being given the correct rental rate, it is crucial to read all the terms and conditions, examine liabilities in the event of an accident, and compare rates and tariffs.

Inspect the vehicle for damages before making a reservation

Don’t rush to leave for your day or vacation. Inspect the self-drive rental car carefully from the interior and the outside for any dents and damage. Take pictures of the vehicle from different angles with your phone as proof, and if there are any obvious defects, make sure the car service records them. Before driving the automobile, find out information like the oil level, mileage, age, and availability of roadside assistance, among other things, and check the fuel level. Inspect the car’s components, including the brakes, the engine, the lights, and the spare tire and jack. Consider these steps to ensure that you’re driving in a secure and reliable car.

Fully comprehend the fueling strategy

Check out the fueling policies of the car rental business or agency you intend to work with before selecting the best rental automobile in Kenya. Every car rental company has specific guidelines that must be followed. Be upfront and ask questions to avoid being misled. At MyHire & Rentals, a self-drive car is usually given without fuel. For chauffeured vehicles such as buses and vans, the price is usually all-inclusive. 


Other considerations to make before choosing the finest self-drive car rental

Be familiar with the company’s policies and follow them while traveling.

Know how long the trip will take so you can choose a vehicle that is both comfortable and affordable.

Although the vehicles have all-India permits, you will still need to pay the necessary taxes and fees when you pass state boundaries.

Avoid drinking and driving since it puts your finances and life in danger. This can also have legal consequences.

Drive safely and don’t cross the speed limit. Though you got the car at a very economical price, the passengers with you are very precious.

Bon Voyage!