SUVs and 4x4s are some of the favorite vehicles for foreign tourists who come to Kenya. It is important to note the off-loading capabilities of these vehicles, which make them special and attractive to most clients who want to hire a car. There are many options available, from hatchbacks to sedans, at many car rental companies. Mentioned below are some of the unique qualities that will allow you to understand the SUV before renting it.

Enough Space

Each car’s interior seating capacity is an important feature, especially so in an SUV. Clients who are taking a trip with a sizable group of people frequently choose an SUV. Long-distance or out-of-town family travels require a certain level of comfort. An 8-seater car, for instance, can carry more people, but it won’t be very comfortable for lengthy trips. The ideal SUV, on the other hand, has five seats and a large trunk. 

A noteworthy option is to rent an SUV with either one or two rows of back seats. The cabin can therefore hold 5 to 8 persons.


The likelihood of a collision that puts the driver and passengers in danger is relatively high, even on highways. The likelihood rises as you travel over more difficult terrain. Therefore, the safety features of a car are crucial to take into account when driving off-road, especially if you have a family. Verify that seatbelts and airbags are present before renting an SUV. Almost all modern SUVs are equipped with extra features, such as an autonomous braking system and a parking sensor

A trustworthy SUV won’t let you down whether you’re driving on a freeway, city street, or dirt route. The structure of the frame, the quality of the suspension, and a strong motor are the major indicators that you won’t get stuck in the mud or sand. study the topic and consult the vehicle rental

Level of Comfort

In light of the fact that off-road driving cannot, in theory, be characterized as relaxing, a good SUV needs to offer the right amount of comfort even when navigating challenging terrain. Also, the SUV rental needs to be completely furnished to accommodate passengers if you intend to use it as a family vehicle for city excursions, among other things. A well-designed SUV automobile must have several amenities and gadgets, like sound insulation, climate control, heated seats, and a pleasant dashboard.

Luggage Room

It’s always crucial to check that your car can hold everything you need for a family trip, including your personal belongings, necessary gear, food, and tools. For this reason, a spacious trunk is among an SUV’s most crucial features. On some models, a row of the back passenger seats can be folded or removed entirely to change the volume of the luggage compartment.


A traditional SUV has all four wheels. Front- or rear-wheel drive surely has its advantages, but they are not appropriate for off-road driving. The stability and fantastic dune-bashing experience that come with 4×4-wheel drive are guaranteed.

If you want to experience the rush of adventure, look at the engine power and top speed. Several SUV rentals come equipped with twin-turbocharged or supercharged engines that produce a lot of horsepower.

In Conclusion

If you are visiting Kenya and looking to rent an SUV, MyHire & Rentals is at your service. We have a sizable fleet of SUVs and 4×4 vehicles from all the leading manufacturers in the sector. Our customers get the best driving experiences ever thanks to the excellent maintenance of our rental cars.