Hiring a car for the first time can be both exciting [you are finally going for that trip you have been planning endlessly] and scary [you do not know what to expect]. The good news is driving will be more fun and less expensive compared to taking that flight. We at My Hire are here to make sure you have that adventurous weekend you have been planning without the downside. Here are a few tips to help you get your perfect ride.


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Do your homework.

Thank goodness everything can be found online today. Do your research, looking at google reviews helps, that doesn’t mean you will only find pleasant reviews, some people just like to complain. I only take note of those ones about the car cleanliness and customer service. It always helps to know if the car rental companies you find are legit or can be trusted. Shop around for the best deal but keep in mind cheap is expensive.

Choose the right vehicle.

Always make sure you have the right vehicle for the right road. You can always ask for advice from the car rental providers if you are not sure about the terrain. Trust me you do not want to take a sedan in the park. This will help you avoid extra charges.


Book early.

Better safe than sorry. Once you have done your research and come up with a decision you better book already. Booking a car at the airport tends to be expensive or you might just call last minute to find all cars are booked this happens mostly on weekends. Booking earlier gives you peace of mind and keeps you assured. Don’t forget to ask for photos before the payment. Booking means paying a particular amount or you could just pay the whole amount if you are comfortable.

Always inspect and take photos.

Yes, you heard me right. The day has come and you have received the vehicle. Check the interior and exterior and take photos. If you run into a guardrail, you will be charged. Let’s say you don’t but the person before you scratched the vehicle but you didn’t take note, you will pay.

Fuel & extras

Most big cars come with a full tank of fuel; this requires you to bring the vehicle back with a full tank too. Small cars, not really. But you can always request for a full tank from your car rental providers. Don’t forget to ask about any extra charges, like the driver’s fee if you are being chauffeured or the car drop off and pick up fees.

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Predominantly, don’t forget your documents.

You must have an ID and a DL before you hire a car. When you are done booking and are ready to pick up the car kindly sign an agreement between you and the renting company and keep it with you at all time.


Don’t drink and drive.

Always use your seat belts.

Always be careful where you park.

Do not lose your car keys.

Remember you are always welcome to visit My Hire & Rentals. We guarantee you will have an experience of a lifetime.