Comfort and peace of mind are supreme when it comes to being on the road. A driving license which is a documented authority to operate one or more motor vehicles needs to be in order in such a case. So how does one earn this in the first place?

To be qualified to attain a valid driving license in Kenya

  • One must be 16 years of age for a motorcycle and 18 years for the motor vehicle.
  • The public service drivers are required to be 24 years and above. The driver must also have a driving license for not less than 4 years.

 According to Section 31 of the Traffic Act, a DL is issued once the applicant has

  1. Passed the driving test.
  2. Declared that they have no disability that will jeopardize road safety.
  3. With or without glasses shown ability to read a vehicle identification plate at a distance of twenty-five meters.

The Provisional Driving License

The (PDL) is a requirement of the Traffic Act Section 33 which one must have to be allowed to take a course in driving and learn how to drive. This PDL holder will be allowed to be on the road only if accompanied by a qualified driver holding a valid driving license. How to apply for a PDL:

  • Visit the TIMS NTSA PORTAL:¬†
  • Register and/or log in.
  • Select driving license.
  • Select- application for Provisional Driving License.
  • Fill in the details required.
  • Pay the fee as instructed.
  • Download the PDL document.

This will allow you to take a driving school course. Once done, the test is downloaded at the NTSA TIMS website at a fee.

The Licensed Driver Proofs

  • A hard copy of the printed license.
  • A smart license at hand. This is a digital driving license.
  • A soft copy of the license.
  • An SMS confirmation from 22846 which gives the license details. (Done by sending a short message to the SMS code 22846 by sending the word DL followed by drivers ID number -no spaces in between)

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