Renting a car could come urgently to some, but for others, it is mostly pre-planned. Planning ahead has its benefits because one can easily avoid occurrences of forgetfulness and panic from happening. Mentioned below are suggestions for a checklist that will help you easily hire a car. These will be helpful tips to project, preplan, fund, and successfully execute a car hire.


The Checklist

Your Itinerary

This is an informed plan of what the journey will be like. Where will the trip begin? Where is the destination? How long do you expect the ride to take? How many days will the trip be? How many people will be on this car ride? Will you have any stops? Is it a pick-and-drop scenario? Having this clear in your mind or on paper is beneficial in ensuring that your calendar is marked. It will also enable you to decide the most efficient car you require for the ride.

Type of Car

This is mostly determined by taste and personal style. Although sometimes the purpose of the trip influences the type of car. You may be meeting with new clients or business partners therefore trying to impress them is very important. Thus, choosing a classy car that is chauffeured will give you a few credits with them. Also, it could also be a family and friends’ trip with a large number of at least 30. This lot will absolutely hire a bus with a driver or several vans for their journey.

Your Budget

Economists have been heard saying that “if you can’t afford it, you don’t have to buy it”. For this philosophy to become a reality budgeting is necessary. What amount of money have you set aside for the car rental? Is it enough to make a booking for the car you want? If not, what are your options when it comes to the type of cars available? Can you get a discount? All these variables could to be considered when brainstorming the funding for your car hire.

A Chauffer or Not

You may be in need of a chauffeur because:  you are tired of self-drive; you are new in town therefore a driver who knows the streets will be ideal; you want a transfer from an airport or the train station; you are going to be busy in the car as you prepare for a meeting or an interview; the vehicle you want to hire is a bus and a well-versed driver is a necessity etc.


Every client who wants to hire a car is required to have the necessary documentation. MyHire & Rentals requires a car renter to have a Driving License of 4 years old plus a National ID or Passport for an international clientele. An international driving license for those not Kenyan will also serve this purpose. If all papers are in order, you are good to go. The car will be delivered to your desired place, a car key will be handed to you once you have signed a contract and the ride is yours!

A Trusted Rental Partner


Who is a trusted rental partner? This is an entity that has proven without a doubt that they deliver good service. The best cars-clean and well maintained; professional service from all staff, be it management, customer service, drivers name it. They are legally operating, have a history of handling any emergencies promptly and soberly and excellence is part of their work culture and much more. My Hire and Rentals has this background and seeks to consistently deliver great service to its clients. Try us today!