From ‘beba beba’ to booking seat: E-shuttles take on matatus to ease commute

A storm is brewing in the matatu sector as three technology companies plan to introduce mass transport apps. Little Cabs, Safiri Express and Egypt-based Swvl have vowed to disrupt the matatu sector. The three tech firms are testing ways to get customers to destinations with fewer stops, at affordable prices, while maintaining high quality and […]

Rogue Taxify, Little Cab drivers putting lives of riders at risk

A number of drivers affiliated to online taxi-hailing apps, Taxify and Little, are operating without public service vehicle (PSV) insurance putting the lives of riders at risk, the Business Daily has learnt in the latest revelation of the extent of rot in the subsector. It has emerged that the taxi drivers are blatantly breaking rules […]

Little cabs requirements for drivers and partners

Thanks to the advancement in modern transport technology, moving from one point to another is now easier than it has ever been. Kenya has not been left behind. Today, Kenyans have various options that can be used in moving around. You can use public means which include buses and “matatus”, you can fly, you can […]