Easy steps to maintain your car’s engine

There are easy steps to maintain your car’s engine. First, consider the most common causes of engine problems: Lack of regular oil changes Driving low on oil Overheating Using low quality fuel or oil Racing, driving only short trips, excessive idling Design and parts flaws Why regular oil changes are important? Oil sludge.   Your […]

4 tips to keep your car’s engine cool during this hot season

This being the hot season, it is inevitable that your car’s engine will run at higher temperatures than it normally does. If one is not careful this could lead to overheating and ultimately cause expensive damage to your car. Very hot temperatures can cause degradation in the engine oil, ruin gasket seals and even cause […]

To wash or not to wash your car engine

Would you allow your car’s engine to be washed together with the rest of the car’s body? The answer is: NOOOOO!!!!!! YOU’RE GOING TO RUIN THE ENGINE AND ALL ITS ELECTRICALS, AND THE WORLD’S GOING TO END TOMORROW!!! That’s what an alarmist would say. If you look closely at the components in the engine bay, […]