What to Do in a Flood When You’re in a Car

One of the scariest scenarios drivers and passengers can experience is being trapped inside a car when flood suddenly covers the streets. If you have no knowledge of how to handle this situation, your predicament would be so much worse. Should you stay inside until help arrives? Or, is it necessary for you to go […]

10 Essential Things You Must Have In Your Car

There’s a saying which could sum up everything about life: ‘hope for the best and prepare for the worst’. It applies to all fields of our lives, including our cars. Let’s say you’re looking forward to a fun trip in your nice car. You’ve been planning this trip for months! On D-Day, you pack up […]

7 important questions to ask yourself before buying a car in Kenya

“What does one need to consider in order to buy a car” is one of the important questions one should ask him or herself before buying a car. Below are 7 points that you should take into serious consideration whenever you’re buying a car (even if it’s not your first time). 1.  Mileage This is […]

6 cars produced in Africa by Africans for Africa.

Africa has been a consumer and never a producer over the years, when it comes to cars. The level of consumption is almost alarming and no one ever thinks of production. Last year, Africa was estimated to have bought about 2 million new cars. Africans have lost confidence in their local engineers that it is quite […]