Here are the 10 largest airlines in Africa

Road and air travel are the top means of transportation in Africa, but there are not a lot of largely successful airlines in many countries on the continent. Many of the top airlines in Africa are owned by the government or are franchises of major European airlines. Airlines are hugely popular in Africa because many […]

Kenya airlines demand tax review to lower fuel costs

NAIROBI, KENYA: Top airlines in the country have protested the high fuel prices that have been brought by stringent taxation from the government. The airlines among them Kenya Airways (KQ), Fly540 and SafariLink are demanding that the pricing of the jet fuel is reviewed in such a way that some levies that have nothing to […]

Top 10 Best Airlines in Africa

Africa continues its progress towards development, the need for swift transportation, which is a catalyst enhancing business opportunities and engineering enterprise, is key. With the seeming northern trend of investments, the need to move from Jo’ burg via Accra to Casablanca in the safest, fastest and most comfortable means cannot be over-emphasized. Africa’s emerging market […]