Dining cruises could be the next tourist attraction in Mombasa, following the launch of dinners on the new ferry, MV Jambo.

At between Sh100,000 to Sh140,000 per hour, a group can book for romantic ferry cruise.

“The ferry can carry up to 1,000 people. It is very spacious, with nice lighting systems, washrooms and security and safety personnel including first aiders,’’ said Aaron Mutiso, the Kenya Ferry Services public communication officer.

On board, one gets to enjoy unbeatable views of the Kilindini Channel, the port and Mama Ngina Drive while listening to music crooning from the ferry.

Last Wednesday, the vessel had diners from various African countries.

“It is very nice, spacious and comfortable. You can see the coastal city from the deck,’’ said Christine Wairimu of Apex Porter Novelli company.

The ferry is used daily by locals to cross Likoni Channel but for cruises, bookings have to be made a month prior.

Mombasa already has floating restaurants that draw tourists to the coastal city and Mr Mutiso hopes the cruises will help grow their income. From a distance, the ferry looks like a small cruise ship.

“This ferry cruises are even better than dhow safaris. The ferry is more comfortable and stable on the choppy waters. It is a new experience and for weddings, you won’t have gatecrashers,’’ he said.