• The mCarFix app is a one-stop guide and directory for motorists.

• It also includes a directory for motorists in need of car repairs, access to spare parts.

You can now select who to fix your car, and as well get your preferred mechanic and garage, thanks to a new app designed for motorists.

“We need to help motorists know when it’s safe to drive and when it is not, and where to do their motor repair efficiently; because there can be real consequences if you don’t,” said Akong’o Paul, director of ICT and innovations, SKytop Technologies.

The developer has partnered with Kenya Motor Repairers Association (KEMRA), and Toyota Academy to educate operators on how to use the app.

The developers have successfully collaborated with local colleges and high schools to promote practical and skills-based knowledge on design and assembly of engineering and manufacturing products through computer-aided design and other management technologies.

The mCarFix app includes a one-stop guide and directory for motorists in need of car repairs, access to spare parts, or looking for a dealer nearest to them.

“Mechanics are able to increase their revenue through mCarFix app, which increases their customer base. Since they get access to more clients on the dial, they will gain more,” said CEO Paniel Mwaura.

SOURCE: the-star.co.ke