My Hire & Car Rentals is a Leading car rental company that operates around the country is taking the market by storm with its new innovation of going paperless. Through an app on play store this exceptional vehicle renter is easing the process of Car hire in all parts of the country.

Therefore, acquisition of this mobile app makes the process of car hiring smoother. You may wonder why it’s necessary to rent a car? The benefits behind leasing a car are invaluable.

The Pros of procuring a Car Hire Service

Hiring a car in your daily activities comes in handy in so many circumstances and scenarios. These could be: your car is in the garage and you need movement; you have an emergency and wish to get to a place as fast as possible; you want to be in control and free to decide when the journey begins and ends; you want to book online and make payment using your credit card and when your vacation is on a budget and fuel millage given by the vehicle renter will save you money.

Why Choose this Application

Eddie Saroni who is one of the clients using the MyHire & Rentals App had this to say

“Very attractive app. Precise and direct. Easy to understand and navigate. Good loading speeds.”

This is because through the app:

  • One can find cars that are available within the location.
  • Here variety is included thus SUVs, hatchbacks, saloon cars and wagons are at one’s disposal.
  • The app can be used to make a reservation and pay to our local partners.
  • A client can sign the contract and check in to start a trip using this smartphone app.
  • When done with your travel plans, you could request for an extension.

Unique Features of the Application

Three easy steps can allow one to get a car hired, and once a reservation is made, this car renter application allows the client to amend and manage booking.

The Map function in the MyHire & Car Rentals Application helps one find the nearest branch office locations well as opening hours, available vehicles and pricing options.

How to get started

  1. Search our website at:
  2. Download the application at the bottom of the first page.
  3. Install app on your device
  4. Now that you are self-service ready, you can order a car as a customer or lease your car as a partner.

Try this easy steps and MyHire & Rentals awaits to be of great service to all and sundry 24/7.