We are counting just days to usher in December to mark the end of the year 2019, and as you plan to visit Mombasa City, consider this newest spot for your photos.

As usual, Kenyans and even foreigners will be heading to the Coast of the country to enjoy the long holiday of the year after working for eleven good moths.

There are a number of beautiful and tourist attraction sites at the Coast, precisely in Mombasa, starting from the countless beautiful beaches along the Indian Ocean, historic sites like Fort Jesus among others, where locals and tourists visit.

More so, you would probably wish to take pictures and keep a memory of how your holiday will unfold in this city. 

They say a picture is more than a thousand words, thus a need for one to keep the words appealing.

In most of the time, newcomers in this old city have been flocking at the famous elephant-like tusks famously known as Pembe Za Ndovu, located along Moi Avenue, opposite to Uhuru Gardens, to take pictures to ‘confirm’ their presence to the county’s second-largest city.

This time around, the County Government of Mombasa has put up a new spot, and indeed it is a nice place for a holiday photo.

The spot which is about a week old is located a long the Digo Road, just at the Mombasa Postal Head Office, where Huduma Centre offices are located.

The spot is simply the word ‘MOMBASA’ written in white. The word itself rests on Egyptian-blue wall, reflecting Mombasa City’s blue-white look.

SOURCE: hivisasa.com