The inflation this year has raised the prices for car buyers and renters. Kenya’s inflation rate increased to 7.1% in May 2022. The indicator measures price variation in goods and services as compared too same month one year earlier.

On a positive note, if you own a vehicle ,this puts a potential side hustle in your garage. You can make  some extra money on the side without an effort with My Hire. Just partner with us ,let us rent your car to other drivers when its not in use.

You really don’t have to do anything extra. To get started download my hire app on play store  or visit our website my hire Quite easy I would say.

Renting your car with us kind of works like renting houses and apartments on Airbnb. List your vehicle with my hire today and enjoy the fruits stress free!

If someone’s visiting your area and needs a car for the week or weekend, your car could be an option if you list it on My Hire. You can opt to deliver it to the renter, have them pick it up from your preferred location or have us do it for you, all the arrangements I mean. Once the car is rented, you, the owner gets a fixed amount each day or month depending on your agreed plan and your vehicle.

Before the drivers rent a car, they have to undergo a verification process, background check if you may say. Drivers can use cash, mpesa or card to pay. There is a contract to be signed by both parties, so don’t worry about your car. Everything is well covered in case of anything.

As soon as your car is brought back be sure to check it thoroughly, for instance, is there a dent that was not there before, or is your car dirty?

Renting you car to other drivers will not replace your salary, but you will make a side earning you wouldn’t have. Be sure to partner with us. My Hire &Car Rental, your trusted rental partner.