Mombasa county government has partnered with a private investor to launch a luxury, double-decker bus for sightseeing.

The bus has been bought by Mombasa Sightseeing Limited which has a sister company offering educational and historical tours in Kampala.

The firm’s business development manager Reuben King’ori said charges will start from Sh3,000.

The bus will be launched next week.

“Our rates for local tourists Sh3,000 and International Tourists – USD 35. The rates are per individual. Booking should be done at least one day to the date of the tour,” read a post from the firm.


The Department of Trade, Tourism and Investment said the initiative is in a bid to improve tourist experiences in Mombasa.

“The open roof double-decker bus will allow tourists to hop-on and hop-off as much as they like at any of the bus stops on the route and see all the best sights and attractions that Mombasa city has to offer. The official launch of this new experience is on 9/10/2018 at Mapembeni,” read a post on the department’s Twitter account.

The department said it is working  with private investors to introduce the double-decker sightseeing bus to redefine tourism in the coastal town.

“From London, Warsaw, Dublin, Berlin, Johannesburg, Singapore, Kampala and now introducing the first ever Kenya’s double-decker sightseeing bus in Mombasa (Kenya’s Tourism hotspot),” read the post.

Mombasa Sightseeing Bus currently will offer two trips every day (Monday – Saturday) – The Mid-Morning and the Afternoon Trip.


“In the tours, we visit over 25 of the best tourist attractions that Mombasa has to offer aboard our luxurious double-decker buses,” read a post at the company’s website.

The bus will have on-board tour guides and a number of stop overs and meals are included in the tour package.

“Mombasa is one of the top tour destinations in the world as it offers tourists some of the best tour experiences ever. Mombasa Sightseeing bus elevates the experience to a new level by giving tourists the opportunity to see the very best of tourist attractions from luxury double-decker top-off buses,” added the post.