Thanks to the advancement in modern transport technology, moving from one point to another is now easier than it has ever been. Kenya has not been left behind. Today, Kenyans have various options that can be used in moving around. You can use public means which include buses and “matatus”, you can fly, you can use a motorbike (boda-bodas), or you can use a taxi. Those who want to get to their destinations quickly by a cheap means which is not public often choose to use taxis. Technology has also made hailing taxis very easy because you can now do it remotely using cab-hailing apps. Little Cab Kenya is one of the taxi-hailing services that operate in Kenya. In order to join the Little ride as a partner or a driver, one must fulfil Little Cab requirements. If you would want to join Little Cabs as a driver or a partner, read on!

Little Cab Kenya was launched in 2016 by Craft Silicon. It is based in Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi and is ranked third among other taxi-hailing services in Kenya. Little Cab is the product of a partnership between Kenya’s largest telecom service provider, Safaricom and the tech firm known as Craft Silicon. Little Cab aims to fuse technology with transport in order to enable commuters to travel more comfortably. It’s a user-friendly mobile application that provides a convenient way for commuters to hail taxis. It currently offers services in Nairobi, Kisumu, and Mombasa.

Little Cab vehicle requirements

As a Little Cabs driver, you are obliged to have a car which must meet Little Cab vehicle requirements Kenya. Here is the list of requirements:

  • Show your car’s PSV registration document which has to have an inspection sticker.
  • Your car must pass Little Cabs’ inspection.
  • Show PSV insurance for your car. Provide the NTSA inspection report.
  • Provide a copy of the Log Book.
  • The vehicle must have a Music Copyright of Kenya sticker.

How to join Little Cabs Kenya as a driver

To register as a Little Cab driver, you must first fulfil the following requirements:

  • Have a valid driving license which is PSV approved.
  • Provide an actual PSV license and badge.
  • Have a certificate of good conduct- 6 months.
  • National identification card (ID). You must prove your nationality.
  • Provide an authorization form which would be used for screening purposes.
  • Provide passport photographs. If you do not have any, you would be able to take passport photograph shots at their offices.
  • You will also be required to fill a declaration form.

After meeting all these requirements, you can go ahead to visit the Little Cab Kenya official website and register as a driver. Open your browser and type in the search box. Once it opens, click on the REGISTER button to show two options: “become a little partner” and “become a little driver”. Click on the “become a little driver” option and follow the steps below.

Step 1

This step involves filling in your personal details

  • First, fill in your full name as it appears on your national identification card.
  • Then, fill in your email address.
  • Make sure the email is an active one.
  • Next, fill in your mobile number.
  • Finally, choose your city from the provided list i.e. Nairobi, Kisumu or Mombasa.

Step 2 

  • First, fill in your postal address.
  • Then, enter your zip code otherwise known as postal code.
  • Then, specify what type of identification you are using i.e. whether it is a national ID, passport or an alien card.
  • Next, enter your identification number (ID number).

Step 3 

  • Fill in your preferred work area.
  • Fill in your preferred work time.
  • Specify your gender.
  • Fill in YES if you drive your own car or NO if you don’t.
  • If you were referred, fill in the referral code, if you didn’t, skip this box.
  • Create your password and submit.

Once you have filled the form and submitted it, a confirmation letter will be sent to your email from Little Cab Kenya. After that, you will be invited for an interview through a call from the manager.

Little cabs requirements, little cab Kenya, little cabs app

Drivers are given a Little Cabs Safaricom 4G phone that does not require them to buy data since it has been zeroed. Alternatively, smartphone users can install little cabs app and use it to join the platform. Here is exactly how you can install the little cabs app and register as a driver.

  • Open your application list menu.
  • Scroll down and locate your Google Play store app.
  • Click on it to launch it.
  • On the search bar, type “Little Cab driver” and click on search.
  • Once the results appear, verify if it is the right application by checking if it is flanked by the name craft silicon. That shows you the app has been published by Craft Silicon.
  • Tap on the information box. This will take you to a page with more details, reviews for the app, images, and videos.
  • Next, click the INSTALL button at the top to download the app. A dialogue box will appear, prompting you to allow certain permissions for the installation to continue.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can open the app by tapping the OPEN tab on the play store or by tapping a similar option available in the notification tray of your phone. After installation, the app will be accessible on your home screen alongside your other apps.
  • Open the app, log in and use it. Make sure you have an active internet connection. Follow the procedure above to register.

How to join Little Cabs Kenya as a partner

To become a Little Cabs partner, you must fulfil all the requirements as stated by the company. These Little Cab requirements include the following:

  • Provide a PIN certificate.
  • Own a vehicle that meets Little Cabs requirements.
  • Provide a national identification card.

Little cabs requirements, little cabs app, little cab Kenya, little cab driver

If you happen to meet all these requirements and want to be a Little Cabs partner, follow the step by step guide below to register.

  • Open your application list menu.
  • Navigate to the Google Play store application.
  • Click to open it.
  • On the search box, type “little cabs app”.
  • Download the Little Cabs app from the play store.
  • It will be installed automatically on your smartphone.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the app. You will find exactly two options namely: become a partner/become a driver.
  • Select the option ‘become a Little driver’.
  • Select your country and then press the ‘register driver’ button below. This will create an account for your driver. The application will now redirect you to the ‘Little Driver’ portal. Enter information as required in the appropriate fields and press the ‘NEXT’ button below.
  • Next, you will be prompted to upload documents. Upload all required documents and press the ‘SUBMIT’ button.
  • Once you have entered all the information required, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you entered.

You will receive a call for an interview after the documents have been checked and verified.

Little Cab Kenya USSD 

What if you don’t have a smartphone? Or you don’t have an active internet connection on your phone? Don’t worry, little Cab Kenya is available to you on *826#. You can now use the Little Cab Kenya USSD code to hail cabs. Dialing *826# enables Little to pinpoint your exact location and send you the nearest driver. Make sure that you have sufficient airtime before dialing to use the service.

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Little Cab Kenya contacts

Phone 1: 0709302302

P.O. BOX: 13628, Nairobi- Kenya

Twitter: @LittleRideKe

Facebook: Little Ride Kenya

Customer Support email:

Driver Support email:


Little Cab offices Kenya

Little Cabs’ offices are located at Craft Silicon Campus, Musa Gitau road off Waiyaki way in Nairobi. Use this address to get your issues sorted or just in case you are invited to the little cab offices for an interview.

Little Cab Kenya rates

This service has a live fare counter feature from where your bills are displayed as the trip progresses. Following are Little Cab Kenya rates:

Minimum fare: Ksh 270

Basic option: Ksh. 50 per Kilometre.

Comfort option: Ksh. 55 per Kilometre.

Lady Bug option: Ksh. 55 per Kilometre.

Charges per minute: Ksh 4 for all the options

However, with the current Kenya fuel crisis, these prices could change.

Now, you have a full list of Little Cab requirements for drivers and partners in Kenya. Register with them today and begin making profits. Good luck!