Kenya Airways has entered into a partnership agreement with GE Aviation to adopt its Flight Operations suite of digital products across the airline’s fleet of Boeing 737, 787 and Embraer E190 airplanes. 

The Flight Operations suite is a technology that integrates various operational data including flight details, weather forecast and navigation among others. The technology will enable KQ to monitor its operations and fuel consumption in order to close the gap that drives up fuel and aircraft maintenance costs. 

While signing the partnership agreement in Paris, Paul Njoroge, Kenya Airways’ Director of Operations, said the agreement with GE Aviation was an integral part of the Airlines’ turnaround strategy to reduce costs. 

“The realisation of KQ’s agreement with GE Aviation will enable us to optimise fuel costs and excel in flight operations. GE brings in a wealth of knowledge and the latest cutting-edge digital technology to help KQ fast track efficiencies as well as improve on operations and customer experience.” Mr. Njoroge said. 

Implementation of the digital Flight Operations solutions is currently underway with completion set for later this year. The partnership adds KQ’s fleet to the over 15,000 unique aircraft assets that are connected to GE Aviation’s digital solutions. 

“Kenya Airways has been looking for ways to monitor performance of its fleet and initiatives to track fuel saving and improve efficiency. The Flight Operations suite provides these insights and can be scaled up to provide additional functionality,” said John Mansfield, chief digital officer for GE Aviation. 

“Our aim is to help Kenya Airways reduce their multi-million dollar fuel bill and increase their overall efficiency,” added Mansfield. “The fidelity in our flight analytics, together with the team’s experience from analyzing more than 175 million flights, will enable Kenya Airways to better manage operations with data-driven solutions. We are bringing together analytics with physical assets to help significantly reduce cost.” 

Clare Ward, chief information officer, Kenya Airways, noted that the airline chose GE Aviation because of its innovative flight analytics and overall leadership in aviation technology. “By partnering with GE, Kenya Airways is accelerating the move to leading edge technologies in analytics and machine learning,” she said. 

KQ is currently working towards financial turnaround with a focus on prudential financial management, network expansion, and revenue enhancement initiatives as well as improving the customer experience. Managing expenses, particularly fuel expenses, which take up 30% of KQ’s total expenditure, has been a challenge but the airline remains optimistic on managing the costs.