Taking a road trip can be exciting, even if it’s a day trip to a relative’s house or a trip to work. However, the majority of your journey will frequently be spent on endlessly straight, long roads. This can make drivers feel bored and groggy behind the wheel, which leads to complacent and dangerous driving. Though we may believe there are tried-and-true strategies for staying awake on the road, the best course of action is to avoid being sleepy in the first place.

Sleep Enough: Getting at least eight hours of sleep the night before your trip will assure, you’re well-rested. And in case you get unexplained drowsiness looking for a safe parking space for your car and having a 15-to-20-minute nap would save you from any accidents.

Chew Gum: According to research, chewing gum can increase heart rate, keep the mind alert, and the brain active. How about having a few chewing gums in your car glove box?

Sing, Listen and Laugh: A stand-up comedy recording that makes you laugh played in your car stereo can help you maintain mental clarity and keep your eyes on the road. Podcasts and audiobooks are other good choices. In cases where you have company, consistently having a conversation is most helpful.

Drink Plenty of Water: Coffee or energy drinks provide a caffeine boost, but drinking lots of water, especially cold water, makes the body temperature cool and prevents drivers from feeling sluggish. I mean, that’s why a bottle holder was built into your car.

Get Enough Air: A blast of cold air through your car air conditioner will prevent you from becoming too cozy, and comfortable, and nodding off inside your vehicle. Cracking open a window for fresh air on a long drive can help too.

Avoiding Substances: Drivers should never operate a vehicle under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or prescriptions that will slow reaction times, cause drowsiness, or affect judgment. Car owners that take medication need to check with their doctor to make sure that any prescription drugs they are taking do not conflict with operating heavy machinery.

Consume Right: As one who is on the road junk will never be a journey partner for you or your car organizer. This is because too much caffeine at once, can cause sugar levels to spike and then crash shortly thereafter, causing drowsiness.

Don’t Stop Moving Your Eyes: It’s important to always stay focused and shift your eyes every two seconds to scan the roadway. You should also check your car mirrors every five to eight seconds. This enables you to be more aware of your surroundings and prevents them from entering a “trance” state, so you can stay alert and aware of other drivers’ movements.

Exercise: Whilst you may think exercise will make you more exhausted, studies show it does opposite-increasing physical activity increases energy! Before you start your drive for the day, choosing to take a short walk for 5-10 minutes or run for 30 minutes to boost your energy could be best.

Whether you’re a new driver or have been driving for decades, it’s important to think about safe driving. The good news is that advances in car design and safety technology are helping protect you behind the wheel. Better still, if you are not in the best state of mind to be on the road My Hire & Rentals is at your service when it comes to car rentals. Book Today.