It would be quite frustrating if on the morning of your scheduled drive upcountry, your vehicle decides to give you trouble. Such would have easily been avoided if your vehicle had been through regular maintenance from a good mechanic.

“Modern cars don’t require as much attention as they did 50 years ago, but don’t let that give you a false sense of security” Prime magazine puts into perception why even with the brilliant car engine of 21st century it is still crucial to make sure your vehicle undergoes regular maintenance.

The engine is undoubtedly the heart of your car; with a busted engine, your car is useless.  It is therefore important to place your priority in checking your engine regularly.

A lot of us often forget things such as car transmission. It’s essential that once in a while you have this checked, otherwise you might get stuck in a cold night along Mombasa road.

You should as well prioritize checking the brakes of your vehicle. In fact this should feature in your basic car maintenance.  Things like low brake fluid levels can cause soft brake pedals, which could be potentially dangerous for your safety. Such can be averted.

The other thing is dirty brake pads which makes it impossible for your vehicle to break silently, and instead produce a squeaking sound and lessens the effectiveness.

But then again, how often you need to change your brake pads varies based on your driving style, the weight of your vehicle, the quality of the brake pads(hence the need to get genuine ones), and the condition of your brake rotors.

Even basic measures such as checking other fluids and ensuring your tires are properly inflated can go a long way to keeping your vehicle in good shape.

Car mechanical inspection maintains safety and in the long run reduces the cost of car repair. These inspections should however, be done by a good mechanic  who would subject your car to a diagnostic check-up to determine if all parts are in working order.

Visit a well-equipped express service that has a car diagnostic tool which would help pinpoint the problem in your car without having to necessarily gut out your car.

At DT-Dobie for example, you can get an effective servicing for your car, for a reasonable amount, which would  consequently  not only save you a lot financially but will as well improve the longevity of your engine.