Planning a trip for friends and family ? Figuring out accommodations, finding the cheapest flight and car hire options, coordinating arrival times… are the so many thoughts you need to have and a lot more. It’s for this reason that group trips need a checklist when planning. It’s easy to lose track of details when a lot of people are traveling together.

Most of the time a complete stickler and perfectionist would volunteer to plan this trip and quickly became overwhelmed trying to accommodate everyone else. In response to this, an expert list of tips to assist you in planning a successful group trip, especially if you’re in charge of it has been curated by My Hire & Rentals.

Plan early

This involves deciding where you are going (destination) and when you will be going (vacation dates). I believe this is the first step. Here the leader or organizer is supposed to confirm with the group about their availability and whether the suggested venue would be ideal for all. This leads me to the second point on our checklist-leadership. Planning early is essential because larger group trips require greater prep and coordination: with so many humans in the mix, there are bound to be competing schedules, holiday constraints, and responsibilities (think dogs and kids).

Have a leader

Chaos is prone to prevail if everyone is making decisions within any group. That’s why having roles delegated will be helpful in managing the whole process of having an amazing vacation. Someone to do the accounts, one to hire the car or flight, or, another to keep records of all matters finance. You could also have the photographer, the driver if the car is hired on a self-drive basis, and a patron. All this will be successful if everyone’s social strengths are included.

Plan B

Apart from choosing the best car hire service to get your Prado, Voxy, or Bus. Having various contacts will be helpful in case fate has it against you. For instance, you could be having fun on an island and would not want to ride back to your accommodation destination. You can order food or hire a driver to take your car to the mechanic in case the car misbehaves and etcetera. A great contact list for your service providers will be an awesome idea in case you will need to make quick decisions.

Accommodation matters

You may have noticed that accommodation has been mentioned and food has not. This is because most resorts do provide an indoor restaurant. But if an eatery is not available moving around this new place looking for food joints would be adventurous. Otherwise, each couple or peer having different places for the night helps in crafting a “me” time and enabling diverse topics to chat about when you come together.

Collective thinking

Be it on Facebook, Instagram, or the most common media-WhatsApp. Having a place to communicate, share ideas, discuss, compromise, and agree is very important. This works best in making sure everyone is on the same page. Thus, I believe these trips are necessary to make family and friends bond or better still make new lifetime connections and learn from each other.

Choose your mode of transportation

Are you going to rent a car? If you are traveling internationally, who will obtain the international license? If not, make sure the agreement regarding using rideshares or public transportation is settled. Some people might not want to pay surge prices, while others might not feel confident taking a risk. Then you’ll be able to decide whether hiring a chauffeured car is more affordable than taking public transportation in your area.

Finally: Keep in mind that each person is unique

Dealing with diversity is a common part of group travel. Keep in mind that the people on your travel team do not all share the same interests or goals. In fact, as the number increases, these differences will become more pronounced. As always, my advice is to celebrate this diversity and encourage everyone to pursue their passions.