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What you need to know


What are the requirements?

In order to list your car on MyHire, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Avail vehicle for inspection.
  • Agree to partners terms and conditions.
  • Registered with appropriate Comprehensive PSV Insurance
  • The cars should be LESS THAN 9 years old (with exception)
  • The cars should be NO MORE THAN 160,000 kilometers
  • The cars should be NOT LESS THAN, Ksh. 700,000/- in value
  • Book and pay for installation of MyHire-GET® Kit (to be assisted).
  • Well maintained with up to date service history with good safety standards
  • Vehicle must be available for rental periods of at least 7 consecutive days
  • Ensure the vehicle is fully PSV compliant with statutory fittings and accessories.
  • Seat no less than 4 passengers, and be a private passenger vehicle with at least 4 wheels.

Ready to start sharing? List your car, and a member of our Sales Team will be in touch.

*Additional information on eligibility requirements can be found here: MyHire Renter and Vehicle Eligibility Requirements.

How do I list my car on MyHire?

There are a few steps before your car goes live on MyHire platform.

A full overview of the steps to becoming a MyHire partner and start listing is available below:

  • Make sure your car meets our requirements criteria below
  • Download the MyHire App and start listing your car’s profile
  • Upload vehicle(s) images and fill their description data.
  • Upload corresponding vehicle documentation.
  • Work with our local MyHire representative to complete your account set up and book for installation of MyHire-CONNECT® kit.
  • Payment, installation and activation of MyHire-CONNECT® kit by our local representative.
  • Complete a Safety Inspection and valuation of your vehicle.>
  • Get the appropriate Comprehensive PSV insurance cover.
  • Issuance of insurance certificate.
  • Completion of registration process.
  • Our team will validate and activate your listing and you can start earning

Once you download and sign into your account, our local MyHire representative will help you navigate this process and will be available to help answer any questions you may have along the way.

What is the MyHire-CONNECT® Kit?

The MyHire-CONNECT® is an electronic device installed in MyHire partner vehicles that harness the powers of connectivity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), analytics and edge computing. This technology helps us expand our ability to understand, analyse and gain intelligence across a mixed fleet of vehicles with real-time data pertaining to battery health, crash event, road traffic, location, predictive maintenance and servicing–and even live recordings of road incidents.

The MyHire-CONNECT® Kit covers a full scope of integrated features:

  • Trip history
  • GPS / live map
  • Geofence alerts
  • Driver behavior alerts
  • Vehicle maintenance alerts
  • Live Front facing Video recordings of incidents

Using the MyHire-CONNECT®, we are able to get telematics feedback on the driver behavior (hard braking, hard cornering, over speeding,  etc) that is used to profile and penalize rogue clients. The MyHire-CONNECT® securely tracks the location of the vehicle and includes anti-theft functionality. As a car owner, we strongly encourage you to have your own tracking and security devices installed.

Interested in sharing your car? List your car and our Sales Team will be in touch.

How to get MyHire-CONNECT® installed

Before you can have a MyHire-Connect® installed in your vehicle, you must first list your car on the MyHire platform and work with your local representatives to make sure your car qualifies for sharing. If you haven’t done so yet.
Once your car has been approved for sharing on MyHire, our team will help schedule an appointment at a time most convenient for you to drop off the car for installation at MyHire-approved vendor near you. The vendor will be able to provide more information about turnaround time and should notify you once your MyHire-Connect® installation is complete. 
As always, if you have any questions at all during the process, you can always contact your local MyHire representative with questions.

What are MyHire-CONNECT's Payment Terms?

All MyHire cars are equipped with a MyHire-CONNECT®™  – a unique hardware technology designed specifically to improve operations in the car rental ecosystem. Once installed in your car, the Connect™ provides critical data about the car and the driver behavior.

All cars are eligible for a 30-day Payment Plan enabling them to pay 50% of the MyHire-CONNECT®™ cost upfront and let the car pay for the balance through bookings generated from the app:

  • One-time Ksh. 30,000 installation fee
 or take up the 50% Payment Plan.
  • Ksh. 2,000 monthly subscription fee

These fees will be billed 30 days after your car is officially launched on MyHire. You are responsible for the Ksh. 2,000 monthly subscription fee as long as your car’s listing is active.

Additional details:

  • MyHire-Connect™ is available on a 30 day payment plan (50% deposit) and balance payable from bookings
  • You must have a valid credit card on file during the payment plan or signed the required documents.

What about Insurance Cover?

Your car is supposed to be comprehensively insured with a PSV appropriate Cover (ie. self-drive or chauffeured) for it to start receiving bookings on MyHire platform.

Due to the nature of business, MyHire has partnered with Pacific Insurance brokers to get you the best insurance rates in the market (less than 6%) designed specifically for the car rental industry. The PSV insurance policy includes coverage for:

  • damage
  • theft
  • third party loss
  • hail, flood and fire

As a MyHire Partner, you get indemnity against loss of or damage to the insured motor Vehicles arising from accidental collision, self-ignition, overturning, fire, external explosion, self-ignition, lightening, theft, and liability to third parties and passenger liability arising out of use of motor commercial vehicle owned and / or operated by the Insured.

If your car is damaged or lost while covered by our insurance, we’ll investigate to determine who is responsible, manage the claim with the insurer and organise the repairs.

If you’d like to find out more or get a quotation for your vehicle, fill out the details required and get an instant quote here.

You can get your PSV Insurance cover in your inbox within 3 minutes here….

How much should I charge for my car?

After listing your car on MyHire, we automatically indicate your car’s price at its recommended rate. Your car’s recommended rate accounts for your car’s location, renter demand in your area, and your car’s year, make, and model. Feel free to adjust the daily rates to your liking. You know your car, you choose the price.

To see your car’s price:

  1. Download MyHire App and sign-in.
  2. Go to Listings Menu and “Add New Vehicle”.
  3. Enter the car details.
  4. Predictive pricing suggests the recommended rate.
  5. Input your preferred rate and submit

Predictive Pricing

The predictive pricing feature is designed to dynamically indicate your car’s rate based on its year/make/model, as well as a number of other factors, including location, seasonality, and peak demand hours.

Predictive Pricing helps you take advantage of the marketplace demand data we regularly see to set your rates at an optimal price to maximize your earnings.

When and How Much Money do I get paid?

How Much Do I Earn?

A well-priced car can bring in hundreds of thousands each month. As an owner, you take home 75% of the earnings generated via the app.
MyHire’s predictive pricing feature is designed to dynamically advice you about the car’s pricing based on its year/make/model, as well as a number of other factors including location, seasonality, and peak demand hours.

When Do I Get Paid?

MyHire Partners are paid for each booking once atleast 30hrs after the client has checked-in using the app.

Only trips that are completed by 11:59 pm UTC on the last day of the month prior will be included in the current month’s payout. Trips that end after 11:59 pm UTC on the last day of the month prior will be included in your next month’s payout.

Our Partners may opt to be paid once a month on the 15th of each month for trips taken during the month prior (recommended). You can change your payout selection at anytime through your MyHire account.

How do I upload car photos to my car page?

Upon listing your car on MyHire, we ask that you have your car all shined up and ready for photos to upload to your car’s profile before it becomes available for sharing. Please reference our photo guide below for our recommended angles, order of photos, shots to include, as well as directions for how to upload the photos to your profile.

Helpful tips when taking car photos:

  • Take all photos horizontally (landscape position).
  • Suggested aspect ratio: 4:3.
  • Please do not add any filters to the photos.
  • Always check for bad focus, lens flare, and blurriness.
  • No visible parking restrictions, people or cars in the background.
  • Ensure that all personal belongings have been removed from the vehicle.
  • Use a folded blank A4 paper or piece of cloth to block out the number plate.

How-to upload car photos to your car profile page:
Please note that you can not edit the photos, so ensure you have several angles taken.

Upload steps:
1. Go to Listings on the app and List/Edit your car.
2. Select “Upload” under the images part of car listing.
3. Select “Photos” at the bottom.
4. Click on “Upload” to add photos.
5. Add up to 12 photos of your car while being consistent with the order below.

Does my car need to pass a safety inspection?

Before making your car available for rent on the MyHire platform, you are responsible for ensuring that your car meets the safety standards outlined below. If your car does not meet these safety standards, please make sure to perform any required maintenance or repairs before sharing your car. 
Safety Inspection Checklist:
  • Seat Belt Inspection: properly retracts and latches on all seats
  • Headlight Inspection: Normal operation for both lights
  • Turn Signal Inspection: Normal operation for both lights
  • Tire Inspection: Tires match and tread is greater than 3/32″
  • Windshield Inspection: Glass free of chips and cracks larger than 2″
  • Power Door Lock Inspection: Must have power door locks installed in the front driver’s side and front passenger side doors.
  • Horn Function Test: Horn must be functional
  • Maintenance Light Inspection: Car must be free of Check Engine Light
  • Damage Inspection: Car must be free of excessive interior and/or exterior damage

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