Making money from renting cars is not as easy as one may think. It is not just about waking up, owning a car, or partnering with a friend who owns more than one car to chauffer clients. It is about strategizing, creating cultures, changing policies, job creation, and enhancing a country’s economic growth. Research has stated that the car hire market in Kenya is worth an estimated Ksh 5 billion. However, there are significant factors that do contribute to its success and challenges that curb the industry on a daily basis. Mentioned below are a few elements that you need to be aware of.

It’s a competitive business.

Car hire has many facets. Each individual investor in this industry chooses what would be distinct enough to make them stand out, as this is a competitive business. Some choose to chauffer their clients; others give the customers free will to drive themselves. While others specialize in transportation for weddings. There are those who think classic cars are their thing. All this depends on individual preferences and style when it comes to business and the type of audience they are trying to target. With so many ideas and different service providers who do more or less the same thing, rivalry is prone to increase.

Most have an office.

The office plays a crucial part in cooperation, fostering an atmosphere for group creativity, productivity, and wellbeing, as well as areas for workers to work and unwind. A physical representation of an office allows a company to express its culture, beliefs, and sense of self. This focal point serves as the location where customers, prospective employees, stakeholders, and even members of the press can physically interact with your brand. Therefore, having one is an asset.

Technology is their backbone.

Gone are the days when, to market and sell your brand, exhibitions and events were ideal. In this modern technological world, through SEO and content marketing, social media is a tool that is enhancing the marketing dynamics. Thus, embracing digital consumer interaction increases the number of people who trust your brand. Many car hire entities have an application that clients can download. This app enhances the efficiency for one to hire, pay and receive a car only by clicking.

What makes us unique?

My Hire and Rentals is an entity that specializes in the car rental business- targeting leisure markets and corporates that are cost-conscious. Our services entail renting out cars that are either self-drive or chauffeured; giving car group transport; wedding transport; and SGR transfers. Notably, we also partner with any interested person who wants to rent out their car and earn a fee.

Our Sister Company

My Hire & Rentals has a thing for vehicles; thus, the existence of our sister company, Care Sure. Car Sure deals with selling accessories for your car, such as dashcams and GPS trackers, among others.

Our Vision: We do pride ourselves on giving excellent service, ensuring you get the car of your choice in the best shape and price. You will not have to worry about any legalities as we will make sure this is sorted too, insurance and all. Do you need our service? Check out and all our social media platforms. As we await your engagement 24/7.