The car rental business is taking strides in embracing technology. So is the leading car rental company in Kenya – MyHire & Rentals. Through a convenient mobile app, partners can easily earn money by renting out their cars. Most notably this app also connects these car owners with drivers within their jurisdiction. All these processes have enabled the car hire dynamics for both clientele and partners at MyHire & Rentals to establish a perfect eco-system.

“It is now easier and safer renting out my automobile for money thanks to apps like MyHire & Rentals. I have earned an additional Ksh. 75,000 per month.” A car owner attested.

How does the MyHire car rental app work?

Just by visiting our website, you will have the access to download and install the mobile app. Alternatively, you can download the application from the Google Playstore, after which you can list your vehicle – its make and model, location, and pictures as well as the daily rate.

You can also indicate the dates your car is unavailable for bookings on those days when you need the car for personal errands. You are free to set your own rental prices, and any rules in addition to the standard ones outlined by the app.

Once a client books your vehicle, you are expected to organize the delivery and collection, but if you are tied up, you can always reach out to Myhire for qualified drivers to deliver and collect from the client. After the trip, you’ll get paid the rental fee (after the app’s commission rate has been taken), and reimbursed for any fuel and mileage beyond your limit.

“I earn Ksh. 200,000 per month”

Karisa is a business mogul who spends long periods of time outside Kenya doing business abroad and has chosen to make use of the times his Prado J150 Series is lying at his parking shade. Karisa uses MyHire & Rentals app to rent out his car in Mombasa while he is away and has been earning Ksh. 200,000 each month.

“My car is regularly rented by tourists, locals, corporates and NGOs on self-drive and chauffeured service and I make a steady monthly income from it. I will be able to enjoy an extra Ksh. 200,000 per month allowing me to invest more into my numerous businesses.” In case you have extra cars that are currently not engaged, Karisa recommends that you rent it out.

“I’ve made car rentals a full-time business”

Leilah rents out several cars using MyHire app.

“Rental apps like MyHire could help you earn extra cash from your car – should you rent it out” she states. This stay-at-home mum wanted to earn her own money. “My car was sitting on the drive-way at home not being used and just collecting dust, so I Googled “renting out a car in Nairobi.”

Leilah initially rented out her red BMW 32o series through the app. Before she could get approved, she had to get her car appraised, install a tracker for monitoring the car and get comprehensive insurance cover. She says that the new monthly income now goes to financing her growing fleet of cars. In her best month in 2022, she made Ksh. 130,000.

Leilah has gradually added more cars to her fleet, and while she successfully rents them out as a full-time business, she cautions others to do their research before joining her.

‘It’s rewarding – I’ve become a stay-at-home boss. I’m self-employed and I can spend the profits, she says. ‘But this is not for everyone – and a lot of people may learn that the hard way.

‘With every car, you feel that nervousness for the first few trips, but most of the time it comes back in great condition. The more experience you have dealing with the damage and any issues that arise, the more confident you’ll feel going forward.’

The Overview

Car Rental Company: MyHire & Car Rentals

Commission Rates: As an owner, you take home 75% of the earnings generated via the app.

Insurance Cover: Trips are covered by Pacific Insurance Brokers to get you the best insurance rates in the mark which provides coverage against damage, theft, third party loss, hail, flood and fire. In the event of an accident during the trip, the driver pays the repair costs within the limits of the excess. The insurance pays the rest.

Breakdown Cover: 24/7 roadside assistance in case your vehicle breaks down and needs to be towed while being rented.

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