The business of Car Hire has a variety of shareholders who are supreme in helping the business to thrive and ensure growth. The partner therefore is playing this role fundamentally through providing a car on hire which the client will use. Unfortunately, there are dynamics which could make a client reject a car.

In this sense, there are various deal breakers which make a person products and services not attractive enough to clientele.

Deal Breaker 5 – An Old Vehicle

I know this brings the ouch feeling, but it’s the reality on the ground. There are customers who believe that a car that is 5 years old plus is not in the best condition for their liking. Therefore, a car that was bought at least 2 to 3 years ago would be ideal.

Given how quickly technology is developing, it makes sense that some people believe cars from the 2000s to be much older than they actually are. Even though they are just a few years old, cars without Bluetooth or an infotainment screen may already feel obsolete.

Deal Breaker 4- Unkept Automotive

The paint could be faded, scratches that are extremely visible, wires that are protruding in the car engine or steering system all become danger signs to anyone seeking to hire a car.

When it comes to clutter most individuals don’t mind a certain amount of clutter. However, this can become a serious and life-threatening safety hazard in your car.  Additionally, there are a few more components of a car which need be kept clean for legal and safety reasons, these are: head and tail lights, windscreen, rear window and mirrors,

Therefore, ensuring that the vehicle is clean and well maintained reduces the odds, making more clients prone to hire it.

Deal Breaker 3- Not My Type

It could be a saloon, a minivan, a pickup truck or a 4×4. Every human has his/her own taste and style therefore a car may not be hired because its not of particular taste.

According to a recent poll by of 2,000 men and women from various regions and of all ages, shows that Males prefer Sedans, SUVs, Pick-ups and Sport Cars. While women like SUV and Family cars such as a Toyota wish.

Deal Breaker 2- Delay in Delivering the Car

Time in itself is a life resource so any unnecessary delays in acquiring a service can be disappointing. Such scenarios where delay occurs make clients move and shop elsewhere -a deal lost. So being proactive in saving time helps in securing business and having recurring clients.

Deal Breaker 1- Verification

One cannot fully qualify as a Partner with MyHire if this may be the case:

  • If the car is not free to be hired for at least 7 days consecutively.
  • There is no comprehensive PSV insurance.
  • Vehicle lacks PSV compliance and the necessary statutory fittings and accessories.
  • When the car is not maintained with up-to-date service history of good safety standards.

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