If you’re wondering who can drive a rental car, you’ve come to the right place. With an experience of almost a demi-decade of hiring cars, vans, buses, and minibuses for clientele in Kenya we’re the experts. Over our time, we’ve had the pleasure of hiring cars to individuals and corporate clients, schools and colleges, local Governments, and non-governmental organizations. We’re the first choice for affordable vehicle hire in the country. During our exposure in the industry, MyHire & Rentals has come across  queries and concerns from potential and recurring clients which are worth shedding a light on.

Who can drive a rental car?
To hire one of our cars, you must hold a national identity card. You must also have had a driving license for more than 4 years. Otherwise, we also provide a chauffeured drive at a fee. These drivers are well-trained and experienced in their field and thus fully certified for the job.

What else does one need to hire a car?
As well as your driving license, most hire companies ask for a few extra checks before they’ll book your hire. A national ID will be needed to verify your nationality and security purposes for both ends. If you are traveling on a tourist visa, you must have both a current passport or another form of identification and a valid license from your home country or an international driving permit.

Can more than one person drive the vehicle?
If you’re booking a vehicle for a long journey and you want to be able to share the drive, you need to make sure the second driver is insured. If they get behind the wheel without insurance and you get into an accident, not only is it against the law, you will likely be liable for all the costs.
But, it’s easy to add a named driver to your car hire contract with us.

What information do car rental companies need to make a booking for a client?
For us to provide you with options when it comes to car hire, we will need to know the following
✅ Type/model of the car needed.
✅ Starting Date / Time.
✅ Number of days.
✅ Area of usage.

How much does one need to pay?
The fee will depend on the type of car, your itinerary as well as the number of days. Is it a hatchback or a bus? Do you want it self-drive or chauffeured? All these considerations will determine how high or how low the cost will be.

Can I get a discount?
For MyHire & Rentals. Unless the schedule takes 7 days and above the prices given by us are the best rates according to industry regulations.

Should I pick up the car or will it be delivered?
This will be a personal choice. Though this car delivery service is at a fee.

Do I pay first or can I pay after the trip?
We require one to pay at least 50% of the given quote before the service, especially for personal car hire requests. This will ensure the booking and reservation of the car.

How can I make a payment?
You can make payment through a bank deposit, credit card, cash, or even by mobile banking.

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