Choosing the right car hire company can be challenging and confusing at first if you do not know what you are looking because there are many factors to consider. This makes the task of choosing the right one become overwhelming and stressful. At this day and age we are spoilt for choice on car rental companies Here are a few factors you might want to consider.

1. Car Varieties.

Cars are hired for different reasons. When choosing a Car Hire Company search for an organization that has a variety of vehicles to cater for number of passengers  and location of your destination. The type of vehicle will also affect the size of luggage one has to carry.

2. Price.

Different Car Hire Companies will offer different prices. Though everyone strives to save money, choosing a cheap option while renting a vehicle might not necessary be the best for an individual`s needs. Cheap may be expensive in the long run. That’s why it is advisable that you get quotes from different car rental companies on the type of vehicle you want to hire. This will assist you in selecting  which car rental company has the right pricing for your pocket. . If possible, the car rental of choice should provide comfort and convenience at an affordable price. Furthermore research on modes of payment other than cash can they accept online, mobile or credit card payments with official company receipts as proof of payments.

3. Condition Of The Car.

Kindly ensure before driving away in a rental car, make sure that it is in good condition. Check for any damage on the inside of the car as well as the outside. If there are any issues with the car, then ask the rental company to have these issues fixed or request for another car that does not have any problems.

4. Location Of The Car Rental Company.

Many companies have been established to offer car rental services. Consequently one should focus on Car Rental Companies that are within reach of one’s location to minimize cost and reduce time it takes to access the car services. Luckily in Kenya, MyHire is located in the major cities and arrangements can be made for the car to be delivered to ones location.

5. Distance Traveled

Companies will normally offer you different rates when you rent their cars, one where you’ll have to pay for the number of kilometers you travel and another where you can travel without worrying about the distance. In terms of daily rate, paying per kilometer is usually the cheaper option.

when hiring, one with unlimited kms meaning you can travel freely without worrying about the extra cost and the other option you will need to pay for the kms you travel. Normally when paying for the extra kms the daily rates will be much cheaper than the unlimited option.

6. Car Insurance.

Companies specialized in car rental services offer their clients insurance products when renting a car. However, if you have an insurance policy that can cover you for any damaged caused by rental cars then you do not need to buy another insurance policy. Other than standard insurance inquire if there are other types of insurance cover on offer.

7. Car Rental Terms.

Its vital you consider the car rental terms before making the final decision. Make sure that you read all the details and seek clarification on any information that you do not seem to understand. Not complying with the car rental terms can cost you more money, if all the requirements are not met.

8. Roadside support

Most car rental companies  offer 24hrs  roadside assistance for free, especially when the problem isn’t the client’s fault. In situations like flat battery or flat tyres a small fee may be charged. If possible, the company should send another car as they try to fix the problem. This is another good reason to go a company with a fleet of vehicle and not just a few cars.

9. Full Tank?

Most companies, the vehicle will be rented out to you with a full tank of gas consequently you are expected to return it with a tank that is just as full. In case you’re not able to, some companies may charge you for the amount of fuel consumed.

10. Drop-off times & location

The drop off time and the company’s rules towards it are among the most vital factors to consider before hiring a car. Research for the company that is flexible in terms of drop off locations.  it is good to look for service providers that are inexpensive and lenient as far as drop off locations is concerned. In addition Keenly consider the company’s penalties for lateness and ensure you are comfortable with the penalties. Some companies might charge whole day charges just for delaying for an hour.

11.Value Addition

Ask the convenience that the company offers before making a final decision. There are service providers that offer online bookings. Without a doubt,online interaction will save time and stress.Some car rental companies may offer a bundle deal with discounted price for several extra items like GPS units, child seats, booster seat, roof racks for an additional fee. Most car rental companies do not allow smoking in the car. Car rental companies will charge you a cleaning fee in case you do so. Some rental car companies may or may not charge for a chauffeur


These are some of the important considerations you should consider when renting a car.

Ensure you always check the rental agreement and if there is anything you are not sure about, you better ask the rental car company to explain to you Furthermore, make sure that there are no additional fees involved when renting the car of your choice. To find out more, you can visit