The coast of Kenya is a tourist gem. Top on this tier of most popular tourist attractive places within the coastal cities is Mombasa, Malindi, Diani, Watamu and Lamu. Sun and sand are in plenty and the new adventures to be found are invaluable and priceless. For anyone who has not been here in person, this experience might just be a lifetime experience. Here are some of the things or scenarios you should expect.

Hot Weather

Most coastal towns are hot in Kenya. The temperature could rise to as high as 30 degrees Celsius. It would be rare for one to need a hot shower unless you are unwell or have the Frigophobia syndrome. Therefore, packing your travel bag with sunscreen, sunhats and sunglasses would be brilliant. Not forgetting that staying hydrated and wearing sandals would save your mood.

The 1ST Language of Swahili

The dense population of this region speak the language known as Ki-Swahili. Swahili is a Bantu language that has adopted terms from many other tongues such as Portuguese, English and German. Most notably the Arab language has been adopted largely. In fact, 40% of Swahili vocabulary is made of Arab loan words. The word Swahili is a plural adjectival version of an Arabic phrase meaning “of the shore”. Though English is also spoken by most. In case one does not understand, having a translator app on your smartphone or a hired translator may be helpful. This will save you a lot money, time and your dear life.

Food is Culture

When visiting the Kenyan coast in general, eating and drinking are a couple of the best ways to taste the local cuisine. The traditional Swahili and Arab Cuisines are a norm in most streets. Menus such as Pilau (spiced rice), wali wa nazi (coconut flavored rice), mshakiki (beef skewers) to madafu (coconut juice) and juice ya ukwaju (tamarind juice) is sold in numerous eateries, cafeterias and even major resorts. Bomani in Malindi and Old Town Mombasa have diners that serve these menus. Additionally, one can also find world cuisines.

Being Humane is a norm

Chivalry is treasured in most coastal communities. Strangers will greet you and ask how you are doing. Generally, most people are “nice”. They will give you directions, offer advice for free. Your holiday will be made better by these mingle that are unmalicious. Although being cautious, following your gut never goes out of style.

Sun, Sand and Resorts

From the gem of Lamu archipelago which is a UNESCO World Heritage Center to the Mombasa renown Fort Jesus the long and beautiful beaches are quite a sight. The almost salty air welcomes you just a few meters from the shores and the sand said to be good for the skin has its home here. This could be a great opportunity earthing for your mental health! On the other hand, the epitome standards of luxury have been surpassed through the many beach hotels, resorts and luxury apartments that exist in this area.

Movement is Easy

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