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How To Calculate Your Car’s Mileage Correctly?

To understand mileage is to understand the very essence of a car’s soul. The mileage of a car is a reflection of how we treat our machines, how we care for them, and how we respect the power and majesty they represent. Every kilometre travelled is a moment in time, a snapshot of our lives […]

7 Reasons why you should hire a car with a driver

Car Hire with Professional Driver Guides Self drive safaris are getting more popular not only in Kenya but all around East Africa. However there is always an option of hiring a car with a driver and these are the reasons why this will be a better option. Liability in case of Accidents When you hire car […]

The Definitive Guide to Car Rentals in Kenya

Are you looking for the best way to explore the vibrant Kenyan landscape on your own terms? Well, car rental is your ideal solution. Renting a car not only gives you the freedom to travel at your own pace but also allows you to discover hidden corners that would otherwise be inaccessible. Car rental made […]

Kenyans Turn to Mulika Mwizi Phones for Car Tracking; How It Works

The rising cases of carjacking cases in Kenya, have seen motorists and car owners lose their vehicles to robbers. Most cars being stolen are fitted with car tracking systems yet when they get lost, the tracking companies are unable to locate the vehicle. According to Fred Daudi, a car seller, this has led car owners to […]

Travel News: Mombasa ranked 4th best destination for UK tourists

Mombasa, which rose from seventh place last year to fourth place this year, is now the top vacation spot for Brits, or UK holidaymakers. In terms of value for money, the seaside city trails only Cape Town in South Africa, Marmaris in Turkey, and Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, according to the UK Post Office Holiday […]

Tips when renting a self-drive car

A popular new trend in Kenya is self-driving vehicles, especially in metropolitan areas like Mombasa, Nairobi, and Kisumu. Nowadays, more and more people prefer renting a car rather than taking a cab, train, bus, or plane to explore a destination. Self-driven rental cars are unmatched by any other travel option when it comes to flexibility [...]

Things to consider when renting an SUV

SUVs and 4x4s are some of the favorite vehicles for foreign tourists who come to Kenya. It is important to note the off-loading capabilities of these vehicles, which make them special and attractive to most clients who want to hire a car. There are many options available, from hatchbacks to sedans, at many car rental […]

Mwenda Mbijiwe’s movements revealed by car hire tracking devices

A white Toyota Fielder which Mr Mwenda Mbijiwe was using before he disappeared in 2021 had been in Kitale, Trans Nzoia County for days, it has now emerged. The fresh details have emerged following a series of interviews with his friends and the management of Nyandoro Safaris, a company which Mr Mbijiwe used to hire […]

Client FAQs: Car Rentals

If you’re wondering who can drive a rental car, you’ve come to the right place. With an experience of almost a demi-decade of hiring cars, vans, buses, and minibuses for clientele in Kenya we’re the experts. Over our time, we’ve had the pleasure of hiring cars to individuals and corporate clients, schools and colleges, local […]