Client FAQs: Car Rentals

If you’re wondering who can drive a rental car, you’ve come to the right place. With an experience of almost a demi-decade of hiring cars, vans, buses, and minibuses for clientele in Kenya we’re the experts. Over our time, we’ve had the pleasure of hiring cars to individuals and corporate clients, schools and colleges, local […]

Tips: Managing a hired car

It’s that time of the year when most people are projecting for the year. Strategies, budgets, policies, plans, and all. Therefore choosing a reliable service provider for car hire needs to be on your notes. Lest you forget. That’s why we as MyHire & Car Rentals, a leading car renter in Kenya are here to […]

In the rain, how to maneuver your car

Nature has it that the rainy season comes yearly. Apart from the fact that this comes with some unpleasant experiences. One can ensure smooth road rides by following simple expert tips as advised by MyHire & Rentals. Always remember “Slow and steady wins the race,” which is particularly applicable to motorists who are driving during […]

Day-to-day dashboard symbols on my car.

Have you ever wondered what those little lights on your dashboard mean? You know, the ones that light up like a Christmas tree when you turn on the ignition? We all know that feeling you get while driving and a light starts blinking on the dashboard. Some symbols are easier to figure than others. MyHire […]

Earn More Money As a Car Owner Using MyHire App

The car rental business is taking strides in embracing technology. So is the leading car rental company in Kenya - MyHire & Rentals. Through a convenient mobile app, partners can easily earn money by renting out their cars. Most notably this app also connects these car owners with drivers within their jurisdiction. All these processes [...]

The Car Rental Checklist

Renting a car could come urgently to some, but for others, it is mostly pre-planned. Planning ahead has its benefits because one can easily avoid occurrences of forgetfulness and panic from happening. Mentioned below are suggestions for a checklist that will help you easily hire a car. These will be helpful tips to project, preplan, [...]

Why your business needs a car rental service

Every business requires a flexible and effective transportation solution, whether it be for the everyday commute of employees or for travel choices for important clients and executives. In this situation, it is much more practical to choose car rental entities because they offer more effective and adaptable alternatives than a fleet that the company has [...]

The ideal guide for a first-time car hirer.

Hiring a car for the first time can be both exciting [you are finally going for that trip you have been planning endlessly] and scary [you do not know what to expect]. The good news is driving will be more fun and less expensive compared to taking that flight. We at My Hire are here […]

Travel News: Award-Winning Destinations in Kenya you can’t miss

It is a no-brainer that Kenya is a renowned country globally for its heritage in the Tourism Industry. It is filled with beautiful coastal beaches and enchanting wilds that are home to the famous big five animals. Thus, there are plenty of places where one can dine and wine. This year, the World Travel Awards [...]

Tips to better manage clients.

  Reputation is everything in our industry. Having positive vibes with our clients, leads to having a calmer and more productive day. The bubble of landing a new client can turn into a nightmare but managing expectations is the most important aspect to maintaining a rewarding relationship with clients. When running a business, it’s not […]