Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

There are positives and negatives to owning a battery-electric, hybrid, or plug-in hybrid vehicle. If the forecasts by regulators and automakers are correct, the future of the automobile is going to be heavily reliant on battery-electric propulsion. But we don’t live in the future, we live in the present. It’s a time of great transition […]

Anti-Theft Devices For Your Car

Safeguarding Your Vehicle Against High-Tech Car Theft The Best Anti-Theft Devices For Your Vehicle Posted on 7th Feb 2024 | Updated 7th Feb 2024 With the rapid evolution of technology, the automotive industry has witnessed substantial improvements in car security. Yet, in a surprising twist, car thefts are on the rise. This anomaly can be […]


Many people dwelling in Kenya prefer to import second-hand vehicles as they are cheaper compared to the ones in local car dealerships. By cutting out the middleman, buyers can save up to 25 percent in cost. The process of importing however takes a bit more time and can be quite confusing for many first-time importers. […]

How To Calculate Your Car’s Mileage Correctly?

To understand mileage is to understand the very essence of a car’s soul. The mileage of a car is a reflection of how we treat our machines, how we care for them, and how we respect the power and majesty they represent. Every kilometre travelled is a moment in time, a snapshot of our lives […]

15 Common Warning Lights On Your Car Dashboard And What They Mean

Have you ever wondered what all those little symbols on your car dashboard mean? You know, the ones that light up like a Christmas tree when you turn on the ignition. Some of these dashboard lights shouldn’t be taken lightly, as they could be indicating an issue with your car. Here are the meanings behind […]

7 easy steps to change a flat tyre

Stop your car on a level surface away from road hazards Never get underneath a jacked-up car The right technique to help you loosen and tighten wheel nuts 1. Safety first Before you change your flat tyre, make sure you drive to a safe area with no risk to you and other road users. Driving a […]


Why these tips, you may ask? Our car hire tips enable our clients to explore a wide range of car rental options available in Kenya, empowering them to make the best selection for their needs. Whether you are looking for self-drive car rental services near Nairobi as part of a vacation or renting a car […]

How to choose the right hire car for your trip

You can make discovering somewhere new even more exciting in just the right rental car. Find out how to pick your ideal wheels for your next road trip. t might take months of meticulous planning, but there are essentially only three things you need to guarantee an amazing road trip: the right car, the right […]

How to manage a rental car in the rain

Driving in the rain might be one of the most challenging scenarios a driver faces, whether it’s a little drizzle or a violent deluge. Higher accident rates are directly correlated with wet weather. Therefore driving safely in rainy circumstances is possible if you are aware of how your car operates on slick roads and in […]

How to Park a Rental Car: 8 Tips

When it comes to fixing the problem with your personal vehicle, you may have more options. However, if you’re using a rental car, the situation is quite different. That’s why it is advisable to be extra careful when dealing with rental cars. There is nothing worse than going to pick up your parked automobile only […]