Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Armoured Car

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Nairobi, Kenya
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Get a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 armoured from MyHire and Rentals.

The Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Armored Car is a variant of the Land Cruiser V8 designed with enhanced security features to provide protection against various threats. Some notable features include:

  • Armoring Level: The Land Cruiser V8 Armored Car is typically equipped with ballistic protection to enhance occupant safety. The armoring level can vary, ranging from standard ballistic protection against handguns to higher levels of protection that can withstand rifle fire and even certain explosive devices. The specific armoring level depends on customer requirements and the manufacturer’s capabilities.
  • Reinforced Structure: The Land Cruiser V8 Armored Car features reinforced structures to provide additional strength and structural integrity. This includes reinforced doors, pillars, and other critical areas of the vehicle’s body to withstand potential attacks or impacts.
  • Ballistic Glass: The windows of the Land Cruiser V8 Armored Car are usually replaced with ballistic glass, which is composed of multiple layers of specialized glass and polycarbonate materials. The ballistic glass is designed to resist penetration from projectiles and provide transparent protection for the occupants.
  • Security Features: The Land Cruiser V8 Armored Car may incorporate various security features such as run-flat tires that allow the vehicle to continue driving even with punctured tires, a self-sealing fuel tank to reduce the risk of fire in case of an attack, and an upgraded braking system to accommodate the increased weight of the armored components.

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You can choose your car rental from our diverse array of up-to-date Land Cruiser V8 models. Regardless of your budget or mobility needs, our wide selection of economy and luxury rental cars can accommodate. Air conditioning comes as standard in all rental cars, which is particularly useful in Kenya’s urban environment.

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