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Car description:

The best Toyota Voxy / Noah car rental and car hire services in town. We are the most affordable 7 seater car hire company that provides all types of vans. We have 7 seater self-drive Noah/Voxys available as well as 6 to 7 seater executive vans like the Toyota Alphards, Vellfire and Mercedes Benz Viano. We also customize seating arrangements on request.

We hire 7 Seater Toyota Voxy & Noah Vans in Nairobi at affordable prices. The 7 Seater Toyota Voxy / Noah Van is a multi passenger van with balanced combination of economy, luxury and performance. The vans pleasing interior, relaxed cabin, space, safety features makes it an attractive solution to many of today’s traffic and environmental problems.

Quick acceleration, excellent handling and a high level of braking performance all add up to easy control of the vehicle, assisting in safe motoring. Rent 7 Seater Toyota Voxy / Noah Van for your next travels with and choose from the fleet of high quality 7 seats passenger van. Our luxury Toyota Voxy / Noah Vans comes with extraordinary features and is offered for family tours, corporate travel and group tours. We also offer other safe and reliable imported vans for hire.

Most Affordable Vans for Hire

MyHire & Rentals offers the best vans for hire in Kenya at the lowest cost. Our vans for hire are the lowest priced yet we deliver highest quality service. Use our van hire calculator to estimate our prices or contact us to get a quote for long term hire.

Vans for all Destinations

Travel anywhere in Kenya with our vans for hire. Our drivers are highly experienced and will take you to any destination in Kenya. We also provide 4wd raised vans for off road terrain.

NTSA Compliant Vans for Hire

Road safety is our topmost priority. All our vans are fully NTSA compliant and adequately insured to ensure you have a safe, comfortable, and uninterrupted travel.

Car Features

  • 5 Doors
  • 6 Pieces of Luggages
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Petrol Engine
  • Up to 5 Passengers

Default Equipment

  • Air Conditioner
  • Power Door Locks
  • Power Windows
  • Stereo CD/MP3

Pickup Features

  • Airport Delivery
  • Doorstep Delivery
  • Office Delivery
  • SGR Train Station


  • Van / Minivan