Handle your reservations and rentals in a seamless way

Manage your reservations, plan your fleet utilization and keep tabs on your deliveries and returns calendars efficiently

MyHire stands out from other car hire companies and services as Kenya’s first and largest peer to peer car rental service.

We make it possible for people to hire a private car from other people with confidence. We do this by creating a ‘trusted marketplace’ where Owners list their vehicles for FREE

and Renters find and book the vehicles after passing our verification processes.


Decide when you want to rent out your vehicle and to whom.

Manage all your requests on our website, choose your drivers and earn money

with each rental.

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Let your car work for you. We will keep it in our car park and

manage your bookings. You don’t need to do a thing. Just wait for your

monthly pay checks.

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Use the Car Listing to ‘sell’ the advantages of your car and attract more car renters. Cars with good quality photos are more likely to receive rental requests. Be realistic about your pricing expectations. Do you offer extras, ie. car delivery, full-tank fuel policy, baby seats, etc? Include extras on the profile page.


Once your listing has passed all the necessary checks, your car will be listed and available to rent from When a client is interested in renting your car you will be sent a booking request. You can view Feedback about Renters previous transactions to find out more about them.


Once we have completed ID and credit checks and confirmed that payment has been received you can liaise with the Client to confirm a handover time and location. We provide a handover checklist and inspection report to record details of the condition of the car at the start and finish of the rental.

Why Partner With MyHire?

MyHire specialises in rentals from 7 days – 365 days so you don’t have the hassle of dealing with short-term rentals. We collect payments from the renters and deposit the funds in your bank account. We provide a comprehensive rental agreement and terms and conditions so everyone understands their obligations.


Qualifying Criteria

MyHire aims to provide excellent vehicles to renters at affordable prices. To maintain the overall quality of the MyHire fleet, vehicles must meet our minimal requirements.

Your car must be:

  • You need to have a duly registered company.
  • You should have a fleet of at least 4 or more vehicles
  • The cars should be Less than 10 years old (with exception)
  • The cars should be no more than 200,000 kilometers
  • The cars should be no less than, Ksh. 500,000/- in value
  • Well maintained with up to date servicing
  • Registered with appropriate Comprehensive Insurance
  • Vehicle must be available for rental periods of at least 7 consecutive days


Although MyHire & Rentals is an online business, we’re still here to help you with any questions or issues that may arise. You can contact us by phone, email or Live Chat. See the Contact Us page for more details.