I am pleased to introduce you to the Tudor Water Sports Martina, which is a place that you’re only really going to find out about from a local. I have visited this place on a number of occasions over the last few years and it really is the home to many locals who want to sit back, relax and enjoy the day and night in an unpretentious and homely environment. It is an ideal facility for casual water skiers, boat owners and sporting fishermen that need a place to dock their boats. If you want an authentic, modest and fun experience that is a little bit further away from all the hotels on the coast of Mombasa, then I would have to urge you to check out Tudor Water Sports Marina. Tudor Water Sports Marina is located at Tom Mboya Avenue, 00100 Mombasa, Kenya.

Speakeasy vibe that outdoor enthusiasts enjoy

Situated on the Tudor Creek, Tudor Water Sports Marina is a complex that has a two floor restaurant that overlooks the water and offers a variety of watersports activities and boat trips. Access to the complex is not for the faint hearted as it is extremely steep so if you’re driving yourself, please make sure that you make a mental note in advance. Once you arrive in the complex, you will immediately feel the speakeasy vibe about the place and why outdoor enthusiasts rejoice in this area. This is because it’s quite simple in its design and offering and that’s actually what makes it unique as you can really relax and feel at one with the ever-changing colour of the water and the sky. The Tudor Water Sports Marina is a family-friendly and pet welcoming location so if you’ve brought your cat along, they will feel as at home as you in this charming little authentic place.

Abundance of different types of boats available

As you can see from the photographs in this article, there are an abundance of different types of boats available. There are glass bottom boats, pleasure boats and paddle boats available for usage and boat trips can be arranged to tour you around parts of the island. In addition, if you’re interested in kayaking, rowing and deep sea fishing then these opportunities are also available. You can enjoy the unspoiled nature from this spot and the glorious colours of the landscape. Once you’ve spent either the morning or afternoon at Tudor Creek and created memory making moments, then I would urge you to sit in the restaurant and enjoy some of the dishes on offer. The restaurant has an à la carte international menu and specialises in barbecue, steaks, pizza and seafood and so many other foods. I especially like the Indian dishes that have a touch of Swahili influence.

Fresh juices and milkshakes on offer

The menu is large in size and extensive and the drinks listed are absolutely refreshing. There are fresh juices, milkshakes, cold drinks and hot drinks available. I would have to recommend the fresh watermelon or mango juice costing 250 KSH (2 USD) as they will leave you feeling rehydrated and energised! The milkshakes are also recommended and include vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and banana, which cost between 350 KSH (4 USD) to 400 KSH (5 USD). If you fancy trying something a bit different then you may wish to opt for the unusual avocado shake, which costs 400 KSH (5 USD). It’s a really lovely experience sipping a drink here and relaxing for a few hours whilst you watch the waves lap the jetty and the boats subsequently bob up and down.

Chips in so many different ways?

The menu is split into the following categories: starters, appetizers, mains, sides and snacks and has a magnitude of options. For starters, I would urge you to consider having the vegetable samosas and maru bhajia (which are essentially Indian fritters). For a main meal, I would have to recommend that you try the paneer roll, which is accompanied by chips of your choice. The paneer roll costs 500 KSH (5 USD). Paneer is an Indian cottage cheese and the restaurant at Tudor Water Sports Marina marinate it in a tomato and chilli sauce and cook it with vegetables and roll it in a chewy, hot naan-like wrap and it is absolutely delicious.

In respect to the type of chips (fries) that you can order, you have the option of having plain chips, masala chips, pillpii chips, garlic chips or coconut chips. A portion of chips costs between 200–250 KSH (2 USD). Masala chips are chips that are covered in tomato sauce and Indian spices. Pillpii chips are chips that are covered only with Kenyan chilli and will spark a mini fire on your tongue if you’re not ready for it. They add some sparks to your tastebuds and if you can take the heat, I would recommend having the masala or pillpii chips. If you’re not too keen on the spices, fear not as the restaurant also offers simpler dishes such as sandwiches and pizzas that are also recommended. The food is fresh and prepared to order, so expect it to come to your table piping hot!

Sail around, watch the sunset and have dinner under the stars

As Tudor Watersports Marina is only really a place that you could find out due to word of mouth, make sure you spread the word about this family-friendly and fun environment in which you can enjoy yourself during the day and night. Sail about in the daytime, watch the sunset and sit under the stars while having a reasonably priced dinner. If you’re interested in the water sports activities and/or making a visit to Tudor Watersports Marina, then please contact this organisation via its Facebook page and/or call +254 (0) 722641977 to make enquires. It should be noted that the complex in which the Tudor Watersports Marina is based is also home to a hotel known as the Tudor Watersports Hotel, so if you’re interested in finding accommodation then you may wish to consider it. However, I have not personally seen or stayed in the accommodation and can only comment on the atmosphere of the marina and the great food in the restaurant.