First of all, renting a car saves you money. One of the main reasons to choose corporate car rental is that you don’t need to buy the rental car, so the access to the vehicle doesn’t actually require a bigger amount of money. As a result, we can turn our enterprise resources to investments, instead of spend it on a car.

Secondly, we can save money. If we rent a car for long term, we can receive a discount on the rental fee. We don’t have to pay fix costs nor maintenance costs, only the cost of the fuel. Furthermore, the rental fees can be an eligible expense in our business.

Finally, we can save time. Since the cars undergo regular maintenance (for example before rental), we don’t have to deal with them ourselves.

Another advantage is that the rental car is changeable; the repairing costs resulted from proper use is part of the rental fee. Thanks to the 24-hour full-service assistance the car will be repaired within an hour after reporting the failure or the car rental company provides an exchange car.

The process of selecting and ordering a car can be arranged online quickly and easily. If we are not willing to collect the car, the rental company can deliver it wherever we want them to.