The need for car accessories is never invalid, be it personal style or the adventure to try new things. Car Sure, a leading online shop in car accessories operating countrywide had this to say. “Choosing to buy more for your car could be a necessity or a fun adventure depending on the mood, but it’s worth it!” Therefore, below are some of the 7 most popular car accessories any person may need.

USB Car Charger

This plug is important especially when it comes to infotainment -listening to music among others. It also meets the need of transferring data to a hard disk drive or simply charge your mobile device.

Did you Know:  That the Universal Serial Bus (USB) uses flash memory, therefore it does not need backup.

Interior Vacuum Cleaner

Vehicles can feel like a second home. Thus, the vehicle’s upholstery and carpets that help keep it a comfortable drive can trap dirt, oil, and whatever incredible sauce was in that morning’s breakfast burrito. A vacuum cleaner suited for the car becomes necessary to not only ensure a clean place but also save money as cleaning your car can become a personal DIY.

Did you Know: According to Princeton University researchers, visual clutter and disorganization, such as trash in your car or other items left lying around, can be stressful and distracting. Clutter in your viewing area, such as that on the dashboard, can make it harder to concentrate.

Phone Mount

A phone mount makes sense in so many ways. These include: when you want to check for directions on GPS, you want to charge it or a video call is at hand. This device saves you from emergencies and sharpens one’s multi-tasking skills.

Did You Know: 45% of smartphone owners accidentally damage their phones at some point. A phone stand, case, or holder gives them a safe place to put their device.

Car Mat

The value of a car mat is indispensable. This mat covering the entire floor keeps your vehicle clean from dirt and dust that can enter the vehicle when you open the car door and step inside; also serves as protection from liquid spillage and moisture that the vehicle’s body can absorb. Floor mats are the best at protecting your car from unwanted stains.

Did You Know:  Racemark International created the first luxury car mat in 1975.

Steering Wheel Cover

The wheel cover does improve your driving experience by 85% as it lessens the damage on the steering. By elevating hand pain and adding grip when driving, the driver is in more control and uses less energy.

Did You Know:  The steering wheel’s diameter varies depending on the size of the vehicle. The average passenger automobile wheel has a diameter of 40 cm. The steering wheels on trucks and buses can have a diameter of up to 80 centimeters to accommodate the greater steering forces.

Air Humidifier/Refresher

The air freshener or humidifier is a great investment for the car as it keeps it cooler in the summer months. This helps prevent the cracking of the skin and nasal congestion. This makes one feel more relaxed when driving during the hot summer months. This becomes important when your car’s interior surfaces are not excessively dry leaving your dashboard and leather seats looking newer for longer.

Did You Know: Canadian chemist, Julius Sämann developed the first car fresheners in 1952.

Car Seat Organizer

A seat organizer becomes prime when traveling as a family, where infants are involved. This is because parenting comes with carrying luggage everywhere including snacks and toys. This item helps reduce clutter and makes it easy to trace that item which will allow the child to be happy and settled. As a car organizer, such a product assists in reducing clutter.

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