Our Story

MyHire aims to digitize the car rental experience through an integrated, user-friendly web-based software and a new-age customer booking app powered by MyHire-Connect® technology and Artificial Intelligence. As a result, car rental companies benefit from digitization and expanded customer reach, while end-customers benefit from wider options, secure payments, paperless contracts, and contactless rental services. We want to enable car rental companies to expand their businesses through data-driven decision making and automation, that ultimately leads to improved efficiency, reduced costs and increased fleet utilization.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve the car rental experience for everyone through constant innovation. MyHire empowers car rental companies to become fully digitized and cost-effective through an innovative digital platform that resolves operational issues at scale. For car rental clients, we aim to solve the clunky customer experience through contactless rentals and an easy-to-use booking app. Using MyHire-GET®, we are able to understand, analyse and gain intelligence across a mixed fleet of vehicles with real-time data pertaining to battery health, crash event, road traffic, location, predictive maintenance and servicing–and even driver behavior information.



We have been able to rapidly grow our partner numbers, thanks to their continued trust and support.



Our fleet of cars across the country has seen a very steady growth over time. Thank you guys.



We have been able to receive and deliver over 8,000 bookings across Kenya since we began.



We have a combined registration of over 12,000 members that consist of both clients and partners

"MyHire strives to offer a simplified and engaging experience to the car rental industry as a whole. Our system can rapidly scale and connect to support the management of thousands or even millions of vehicles."

Your Trusted Rental Partner

Frank Okemwa